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Moving platforms

September 26, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m getting a little fed up with WordPress so I’ve switched to Blogger. So you can find the new address at

See you there.

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Notepad type program in Perl

August 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Whenever I learn a new programming language I write a notepad type program in said language. So here is the one in Perl:

#Program to open a file and read its output and write to a file

#prints the statement
print "R to Read or W to Write: ";

#reads user input
my $choice = ;

#change R or W to lowercase
my $choicel = lc($choice);

print "where is the file located at? ";
my $fileloco = ;

if ($choicel eq "r\n") {
open(INFO, $fileloco) or die "File could not be open";
@lines = ;
print @lines;
#added so it won't autoclose

elsif ($choicel eq "w\n") {
print "What would you like to add? ";
my $notes = ;
open(INFO, ">", $fileloco) or die "File could not be open";
print INFO $notes;

This works under Linux and it should work under Windows. Everything that isn’t clear is commented. I don’t think I’ll be doing anything more in Perl. This program made me realize that I don’t like Perl as much as I thought.

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Firefox’s Memory Usage

August 13, 2010 Leave a comment

I used Firefox daily until Chrome came out. I switched right then and there. I used Chrome on Windows and Linux and totally shunned Firefox. Recently Chrome had been using around 600MB of RAM which is a lot for only having 3 tabs open. So I went back to Firefox. I tried out Firefox 4 beta and it worked out but I need some extensions to work such as Firebug. So I uninstalled Firefox 4 and installed Firefox 3.6.8. So I installed Firebug and went on with my daily usage. Fast forward to today and I find Firefox being unresponsive. So I open up the Task Manager and what do I see? Firefox using 1.6GB of RAM making my total RAM usage 2.6GB. I kill firefox.exe and my usage goes back down to .98GB. What a huge difference. Needless to say I’m back using Google Chrome and just waiting for Internet Explorer 9 to come out.

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The smell of a new OS

Today was the day that my home server was switched to CentOS. It was on Debian and someone accidentally deleted the /bin folder…* whistles* . Anyway, the install was uneventful and it took about 30 minutes to install. I installed only the Windows file server and tomorrow I’ll install Apache, PHP and SQLite for EyeOS as well as configure Samba. More on that that tomorrow. Well that’s pretty much all. It was an uneventful day.

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